Stan Winston School of character art.

Last night I was just floating around on youtube, came across a really inspirational playlist of 37 videos highlighting areas of expertise at Stan Winston School of character art. For anyone who’s interested in sculpture, creating costumes, facial costumes, live molds, monsters of any kind for movies, traditional special effects and some kickass animatronics. go check them out, hope it gives someone a bit of creative flare. 🙂

below is one of my more favourites out of the playlist as Im a huge fan of maquettes. enjoy


Awesome prop design by Harrison Krix: Big Daddy Costume

Been looking at big props. I want to make some huge theme park size props over the summer and stumbled across this guys creations. Seriously impressive stuff. You can see his development etc on his site, go check him out. VolpinProps, Big Daddy costume

Toy 05: Lionfish Button Factory

My fifth and final installment in this series. The lionfish toxic button making factory. As you can guess the words I had to combine were, ‘lionfish’ and ‘buttons’ and had to be loosely based on a toy which opens up in someway, kind of like a poly-pocket or unfoldable base. The idea is that you can see sections of the button factory in motion.