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MEGAMUNDEN – The Tattoo Coloring Book

Picture 13R0018245MEGAMUNDEN, other than being lucky enough to know the guy as a friend and colleague at work, his legend is growing and was kind enough to give me a copy of his new book, ‘The Tattoo Colouring Book – MEGAMUNDEN’.

His work is everywhere and you’ll of probably seen designs he’s helped craft without you ever realizing it, especially if you’ve ever visited Brighton. His main passion however is seemingly tattoos and you could’nt ask for a better package of MEGA inspiration than from his new book. availiable NOW.

I’ve got mine, now go get yours!


promo video:

And you can buy the book here:



Exciting stuff, the ECS team at Southampton Uni are working hard on installing all the tech for Erica the Rhino, looking awesome. For more info on Erica the Rhino and the tech behind it click here20130521-171614.jpg20130521-171626.jpg

I found these videos by Dr Mike!! Awesome Stuff

Erica The Rhino. Final Paint + Time Lapse Video.

Finally completed the paint job on Erica The Rhino, all thats left now before she’s fully complete is the installation of her ‘brain’ and all other techy parts, moving ears, webcam eyes the ECS team at Southampton Uni. Ill be updating again when this is complete. For now please checkout the photos and a current time lapse of me painting the rhino from day 1. enjoy. and thankyou for the ‘likes’


The Rhino belongs to Marwell Zoo for the Go!Rhino’s event this summer. I painted and created the design.