MEGAMUNDEN – The Tattoo Coloring Book

Picture 13R0018245MEGAMUNDEN, other than being lucky enough to know the guy as a friend and colleague at work, his legend is growing and was kind enough to give me a copy of his new book, ‘The Tattoo Colouring Book – MEGAMUNDEN’.

His work is everywhere and you’ll of probably seen designs he’s helped craft without you ever realizing it, especially if you’ve ever visited Brighton. His main passion however is seemingly tattoos and you could’nt ask for a better package of MEGA inspiration than from his new book. availiable NOW.

I’ve got mine, now go get yours!


promo video:

And you can buy the book here:




I present to you, Astocheif!  Fun idea I had today. im a big fan of red/blue colour pallets… and retro sci-fi stuff and 80’s rock/metal, here’s a result of that 🙂


Kickass ILoveDust Poster

First off…apologies, I’ve been away from the blogosphere radar..well thats because for over the last month I’ve been lucky enough to be working my ass off at the awesome studio ILoveDust and yesterday they were kind enough to let me take home one of there latest promo prints, “10 Years in The Game”, to celebrate 10 years of ILoveDust. I think its rad and thought i’d share it with you guys. Unfortunately I cant blog any of the projects I’ve been involved with and there has been some epic stuff!… but stay tuned as I will be able to eventually and more personal work soon to follow, for now however; feast your eyes on this.


for more info on the poster go here.

Wired Magazine. April 2013

In this months issue of Wired Magazine, if you flip to page 099 you will see my illustration featured in the ‘Bend light with water’ article.

See the original illustration version here


Also for Ipad users, the app version of the magazine should also feature my animated version of the piece. I sadly don’t have access to an Ipad but heres the animation I did. Designed to be a small gif to accompany the article, so nothing too fancy.