Toy 01: ‘coffee/germ RC’

My first toy design to model. Created using super sculpey.20120423-224406.jpg


The square black chicken.

Today we were given the task of creating images which had a theme. Mine had 3 things to include,
– verb ‘reading’
– colour ‘black’
– shape ‘square’
along with that the imagery had to incorporate other random objects, which I got was cooked chicken.
I ended up creating an image where ‘reading’ was cooked chickens picking up signals from the moon, where the infamous black square chicken resides.
The chicken astronauts return home but unknowingly the black square chicken has followed them to earth…..







Its been a while but yes I am still alive. Back at Uni and been working on my current project, where I take un-obvious objects, combine them together along with a realistic function and create a ‘toy’. Here is a glimpse into how the project has been currently manifesting. enjoy.ImageImage