Toy 04: Buzz Brain

The fourth installment in my latest project on creating bizarre toys, Here I had to combine ‘human brain’ with the ‘moon’ and had to be an educational toy. The result was an interactive Buzz Aldrin brain, the idea is that sections of the brain would light up and you would hear a quote from Apollo 11 mission. The quote or sound would be specifically engineered with subject matter towards one of the human senses. On hearing the sound you must tap the section of the brain which relates to human senses that the content is portraying. If you get the sections wrong too many times, then the Visor will shut on the helmet and ‘game over’.

i.e. “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” – Neil Armstrong would require you to tap the section of the brain which controls ‘Spiritual Awareness’. Thus learning what sections of the brain control which functions and in-accordance learning some history about the Apollo 11 mission whilst being a fun and engaging toy. Image



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