Daily Draw 27: ‘Supernatural’

Supernatural the animated series. Quick and slightly lame scribble of the idea of a cartoon sam and dean from Supernatural.



Daily Draw 26: ‘Coaster Cluster’

Decided to get out of the sketchbook today, played around with some photos from my vacation to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventures last summer, resulted in this abstract image full of roller coasters. Mainly the Hulk ride and Dueling Dragons. Rough cut photo manipulation.


Brain/coffee toyified combo

I’m currently looking into ideas of combining unobvious objects into potential toys/games. Today I have the task of putting coffee and a brain together.

The idea of how the toy works is that you must press the buttons in the correct order to wake up the brain and here the words CAFFINATED!!! Really loud, the reward for getting the sequence right is the brain wakes up and would do something bizarre. Heres a sketch.