Exciting stuff, the ECS team at Southampton Uni are working hard on installing all the tech for Erica the Rhino, looking awesome. For more info on Erica the Rhino and the tech behind it click here20130521-171614.jpg20130521-171626.jpg

I found these videos by Dr Mike!! Awesome Stuff

Erica The Rhino. Final Paint + Time Lapse Video.

Finally completed the paint job on Erica The Rhino, all thats left now before she’s fully complete is the installation of her ‘brain’ and all other techy parts, moving ears, webcam eyes the ECS team at Southampton Uni. Ill be updating again when this is complete. For now please checkout the photos and a current time lapse of me painting the rhino from day 1. enjoy. and thankyou for the ‘likes’


The Rhino belongs to Marwell Zoo for the Go!Rhino’s event this summer. I painted and created the design.

GoRhino! ECS skin design

This is my submission for Erika the Rhino skin, Electronics and Computer Science at my Uni have managed to get one of the sculpted rhinos which are going on display around my home town to show off 40years of Marwell Zoo, my local zoo. Being the ECS department which this skin is for, the design has been themed accordingly. enjoy 🙂 the design is rough as the actual design will be painted onto the 5ft by 2ft sculpt.