Saw this lastnight.

Thought i’d break away from the horrorfest that cinemas have going atm and also find a movie without mark walberg in it….
so I saw Elysium. sic-fi movie made by the same people who did ‘District 9’.. and you can totally tell…

I’d give it a 7/10


– MATT DAMON – turbo charged.
– awesome mech robot designs
– force fields and samurai swords.
– funny guy from the A-team is the villain… and he’s still funny in a psychotic half robot way.


– helicopters on a space station?.. thats retarded.
– jodie foster cant do an english accent.
– usb brain….
– easy plot

I’d still whack it on in the background, good for a bit of design inspiration. so yeah go check it out.